Friday, August 31, 2018

Mob 47 at C squat...NYC smells like K2 and pee.

I took a training course on how to administer Narcan the other day...just a quick one with the nasal spray and the shot. I just can't take walking by all these people dying on the streets and turning blue and the EMT's being called and everyone standing around hoping the person doesn't die. It's not that hard to use a nasal spray and it can save a life. Shot isn't that bad either if I can check my cats blood sugar levels every 3 days I can give a muscle shot to a passed out person.
Anyway enough about how fentanyl and K2 is jut about killing everybody lately! I worked the door at a big show at C...Swedish Band Mob 47 played and it was packed...and fun as fuck. Life has been wacky since I got back and I am glad another heat wave is coming. Can't believe it's September now and I am ending this blog 3 months! That was the plan for years now and it really makes sense now as I am just too busy for this...writing and rewriting my book is going to be years and this little funny blog did it's job. I think Bob Arihood would agree it's time to stop.
So here is some stuff....always stuff I am just FULL of stuff...and will just keep on posting this stuff until it is done. Not the stuff...the blog. Blogs are so 2009 now.
First the baby hawk who has been sick off and on but seemed to be okay today when I saw him/her eating a dead thing. Some pics from the 80th anniversary of B&H Dairy...some weird shit on the street..oh those college kids throw out the darnedest things...Jerry Faust enjoying the Charlie Parker jazz fest with Four Loko in a beer cozy...McDonalds is looking pretty good there on 1st Avenue..and Heston was correct. Soylent Green is made out of Gluten free people.

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