Thursday, September 20, 2018

I have to pee.

Ah I just noticed my commenting was messed up. Sorry anyone who left a comment! I haven't been too great at keeping up with this blog lately. I hate that word. BLOOOOOOOG. It is a WEB LOG see how that rolls off the tongue?
So I went to a dozen things and have seen a million things and I am lazy but I will post some videos on here from Circus Amok in the park which is always cool. There was also an "upcycled" fashion show in La Plaza which was fun. Both these events had tons of kids at them and it's fun to see my friends little ones enjoying the same craziness I am enjoying. End of summer means NYC is really amped with events before it's too cold to enjoy being outside and the air hurts your face.
I think this first video is the best...was trying to get to a friends baby shower in Queens and when I walked by Whole Foods there was an opossum in the middle of the street on Houston almost getting hit by cars. It was SO scary and I ran into the street with other people and then it hid behind this guy in the doorway who has no reaction whatsoever. Heh. I called Ranger Rob and he came and boxed it up and we took it to the park across the street where it likely came from. One video is a puking puppet that was pretty good too. Dave has a new shirt...I played Rock and Roll Bingo and won some weird stuff...the streets are full of items of interest. Who needs that horrible Target when we have this stuff?

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  1. I have been leaving all kinds of comments haha..have some funny stuff to tell ya about you know who. Call ya when I get back!