Saturday, October 27, 2018

BLOG that spells moon!

If you get that title reference you are a Stephen King fan. I love Halloween, love that all they are playing is horror movies now on TV though I have seen just about all of them...Even the new Sabrina show was hysterical. SHE WORSHIPS SATAN(spoiler)!
John has barely been home he is swamped with work from that Wicked Special airing this week to some Apple thing he is doing at BAM in bk. So I have been hanging out, taking care of stuff and walking dogs for dough. Show in the park tomorrow with my friends and the GLOB-blood wresting which is funny and my friends band is starting off the show so I will be there all day. Halloween I go see World Inferno as usual at Warsaw. Always a fun time esp when I get to be backstage haha...
Here are some pics of I don't even remember..great halloween costumes at Kmart...PIZZA IS SLUTTY WE ALL KNOW THIS. The bright police lights are still up on 7th st...a nice drawing a fan did of John...The Connor's used Keep on Truckin' as the title of their fat adorable cat...the cutest puppy around, Nancy. Some funny Citizen app cousin Rachel who was in NYC taking a pic of my parents on the upper east side for brunch...That is about it. I think our new double album arrives first week of Nov so that is exciting...I will be doing A LOT of promo for it on fb and twitter so block me now before it's too late! Actually a lot of people are waiting on this double album so that is cool. I get emails every few days about it. Nice that people are interested! I think the amazing watercolor Crumb art has a lot to do with that BUT we do have our ow fans too which is swell! May try and play at Coney Island Baby for a release party...or jalopy most likely. We shall see! Life is swell hope the swelling doesn't go down!

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Police shut down the Abracadabra School Bus tonight on Avenue A.

The park was fun today and I have been busy and really needed to have a hang out with friends there where I know almost every person in the place. I saw a gay wedding...was beautiful. A rock the vote concert and of course all my buddies from the drunk bench folks to the frisbee and football crew to the birders and dog run pals. I feel like the mayor of the place sometimes and the halloween punk show is going to be a blast.
But today when the Abracadabra school bus showed up at 7 like always to play live music as they have been monthly for the past few years the police showed up and shut the whole thing down. Said there have been complaints and the whole set up needs permits including the bus itself. Hopefully they will get tis worked out but I fear the hippie bus days are over for now...maybe by spring they will be back.
I just read Paul Watkins book My Life with Manson so the fact that it got shut down during Helter Skelter was kinda creepy. I will miss it but it was already a little too cold for me today to be out there at 8pm dressed up and dancing. Is it winer already??
Here are some fun videos and one of the cops ending the music.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Benefit for Kid Lucky at C squat.

Last weekend we had a huge benefit at Morus Museum and Csquat, my second home, to try and raise money for his medical bills as he has cancer. C has never had a two day thing like this going on and some of his friends worked really hard to put this together...booked about 30 people I think! Lucky has been around the scene for decades now and is a super nice guy and a great beatboxer and performer. He made it over a few times and got to see Doug E Fresh perform on Sunday night which was great. I worked the  door with John and random other friends both days for hours and by Sunday night it finally really got going...before that it was a little quiet...I guess so much was going on that day and night this event fell by the wayside...but by the end we made decent money and I took some videos of the crazier times of the whole thing. Saw a lot of people I haven't seen for a long time and met some new ones while working the show for so long. Was a nice effort for a good guy who has had a bad streak of luck heath wise but is doing better now.