Sunday, November 4, 2018

New Cd is out! Its 65 degrees! Halloween was great! Blah Blah Blah!

Our  new Cd with the amazing watercolor painting cover by Robert Crumb came this week! It's available at our eBay store only right now before it drops officially and the double LP will be available too in a few weeks! Robert plays on the album as does Ernersto Gomez, Pat Conte, Eli Sith, Walker Shepard(son of Sam Shepard!) Geoff Wiley and Jackson Lynch! CREAM OF THE CROP!
So that is exciting we  have had bunch of sales already and it can be purchased here! I love this album it was so fun to record all I remember is laughing the whole time with everyone. In the states and in France. Double album with colored vinyl and a 24" poster of the over included! I will upload some pics of the CD on here.
Then I have some video of World Inferno playing their Hallowmas show which was a blast...I got some video from backstage...and a few pics of friends..also took a waltzing class before the show started which was hilarious. I sucked! I have video of the GLOB-Gorgeous ladies of blood wrestling on friend Daniella puts that together,..faces that my friend Ahda painted...and more like Joff Wilson jamming with a cop in Tompkins. Enjoy! In Jan this blog is no more! All archived of course I don't delete a thing but I am writing a novel and playing hard guitar stuff and working and it's time to move on to bigger and better!