Thursday, June 21, 2018

New Art by Robert Crumb! Samantha Bee! Offensive shirt!

So lots of things happening...thought I would post a few of them on here at 1 am! Whee! The top art by R Crumb is actually a great watercolor and it is up for auction at Heritage Auctions now. Bidding ends in august I think and starts at 50k which is a steal for Robert Crumb original art so sell your firstborn and buy it! Make us rich rich RICH! Here is the have to sign in and sign up to bid. So not sure it works but you can cut and paste it.
The Crumb art below is just for our private collection...Daddy Stovepipe on Maxwell street. I think there is a Jamba Juice there now. Sigh. I have been told I need to promote more and talk about Crumb more but I would prefer to post other stuff too..and give my friends equal time. I won a raffle prize to see Samantha Bee and Mark Kelly speak at the 92y so my friend Simona and I went and it was great. Love her so much. And there was a 7 foot guy on the train behind me so Simona snuck a pic.
Then I met another friend and spent the day in Prospect park and the best thing we saw was a baby turtle sunning it's legs on a rock.
The best thing I saw in Tompkins square was Dave wearing his new shirt. Can you tell he makes them himself? DIY all the way ten punk points! A lot going on and its hard to keep up when I am writing a book and also recording and getting ready to leave NYC for the south of france in two weeks now. But I am trying! Last year of this blog then I archive it all...sniff...the times they are a changing...unlike my underthings.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

If her daddy's rich take her out for a meal if her daddy's poor just do what you feel!

I love that song but man those lyrics...but I do love summer and it's about here!
Had some crazy times this week and this past weekend but it's so much work to upload videos and stuff and with working on my book and a short story right now it's making me really lazy about this blog. Well it is on its last year so I guess it doesn't have to be too exciting. I can go out with a whimper!
Here is some random weird stuff though around the hood...I do love my new computadora it's so fast and clean! So fresh and SO clean!
That converse was size 16. I could fit 8 of my feet in there! You know what they say about big feet and cavernous vaginas! My new favorite restaurant is Ho Foods. I feel really at home there. Some graffiti at C squat...some guy crapping in the park while checking out his manicure...a kale smoothie or nuclear radiation in the park decide! My friend and his cute puppy and me and some scary giant bear that's been running around lately.
Just little snippets from around the park and such...I have so much more but I am going to watch the Tony Awards cause John is working them tonight. Is it weird I am REALLY excited to be going to see Frozen with my Swedish nieces in August? More excited than they probably are?

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Aline Crumb at Housing Works Bookshop last month.

Late belated post from Aline Crumb's Book tour and signing in NYC. Been swamped lately but I will have lots of france posts up soon to make everyone green with envy or green from vomiting.
Aline has a new book out and came through NYC a few weeks ago and I went to see her speak at Housing Works Bookshop which I always forget is this great place with tons of good books and nice people volunteering there. I also hung with Aline just about every day eating sushi, gossiping and people watching at The Fancy Bowery Hotel which was full of celebs and richies. I was happy to find my pic on the back of the book- the second photo down and another cartoonist drew us all which was cool. Some freaky characters showed up for this event and it was pretty funny but it was the last leg of her tour and after the signing we bolted to fancy hotel to eat and pass out. Aline gets up at 6am and does two hours of yoga every day and I sleep til noon but somehow I was tired too! It's a hard knock life! Also took a few videos of her Q and A and more. I love Aline to pieces. We leave in a month for France to check out the construction on our new house there across from the Crumbs and to finish recording our next album and to see Sophie and her kids and relax. Can't wait! Our house is FREAKING BEAUTIFUL NOW WE HAVE BEEN TOLD!

Monday, May 21, 2018

NYC Dance Parade was rain or shine mostly rain with some shine and fun as fuck!

The annual Dance parade was this past weekend and though it rained it was still the most fun event of the year. I actually woke up early to see the floats for once but it was pouring I watched a movie with John who is off work for weeks now YAY! and by the time I got outside it was NOT raining and there they all were! Smaller than usual of course but two stages were going strong with the groups performing and the free dance space with the pirate ship and DJ were going full force. I took a ton of pics and videos as usual and danced for hours with all kinds of crazy people. When I dropped out of a conga line the Dance Police gave me a ticket for not dancing...sob..which was actually a pass to get in to Nublu cheap that night but I was actually too tired to even try. So happy it was going on still and now the weather is great every day. We leave for France so soon I can't believe it but still plenty of time to do all kinds of fun weird NYC stuff now that it is finally spring. There's so much stuff this month I can't even post it all...I am just too lazy/busy doing other stuff so I will just post the most fun goings on.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Garden procession! Costumes! Kids! Body Paint!

Last week was the sort of rainy but fun garden procession which marched from garden to garden and school to school spreading love, glitter and earth appreciation. I caught up with it at the 6th and B garden and look some pics and a video then had to run but it was pretty cool! I had seen the pirate ships at Morus Museum and C squat but didn't realize what they were being built for.
So many events this month...always love my birthday month cause of all the fun and crazy shit but the rain is a bummer! WEATHER MACHINE OWNED BY TRUMP TRYING TO RUIN MY GOOD TIME! Big Waggytail Dog Rescue at the Slipper Room tomorrow with Tammy Faye Starlight and Janeane Garofalo performing so that should be a fun time...and Clemente Soto art exhibits is going on that night AND Friday night too! Dance Parade Saturday but it could get rained out this year...or maybe we just dance in the acid rain.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Cannabis rally in Union Square on Cinco de Mayo!

Today was so fun I just had to blog at 2am about it...well that and I never have time to post anymore somehow...writing other stuff is time consuming but more productive...
Today was the annual pot parade and it ended at Union Square as usual with a show and bands and speakers. It really felt different this year what with weed being that much closer to legalization now. It was like some unspoken thing that everyone there was smoking weed blatantly in public though many cops were there watching. Then at 4:59 exactly the permit was up and everyone got paranoid and ran off haha! True story! I had a contact high with all that insane smoke around and took a video of the countdown to 4:20pm and some pics.
It really will be fun when pot is legal. Everyone was so happy and there were no fights or bad shit like in Tompkins where everyone is either nodding out or smoking crack. Everyone was hugging and sharing joints and just...this shit needs to be legal already. Hell, if NJ is doing it why not NYC? If we don't do it we can't make fun of NJ anymore!
AnyGanja, here ya go friends...sorry I am so sporadic but since it got warm and May is my favorite month with my birthday in it and all I have barely even been online...little bits here and there BUT John just got me a new laptop for part of my bday gifts! My old one bit the dust months ago but it barely effected me. Too much other stuff going on I guess...crazy winter and now great spring though it started 3 days ago!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Rent Guidelines Meeting madness at Cooper Union tonight.

The preliminary rent guidelines meeting was tonight at Cooper so I ran over to catch it in the middle of my beautiful date day with John to catch the madness of it all and see how much they are going to fuck us over this year. It started out well until they voted on rent stabilized apartments going on 4-7% I think and most on the board voted yes on this. People are fed up with this joke of a voting process and for a prelim meeting this got pretty intense.
Pics and Videos below...the next vote is on June 26th. Sigh...