Monday, August 13, 2018

Some more pics from France though I am back in NYC now. Derp.

I am going to post the rest of my pics from france before I start doing NYC was too short a trip only one month..sob...I am so spoiled. I wanted another 2-3 weeks but we did a lot there every day and it was just so relaxing. Also productive as we played music a ton this year. And finished our next album. John is already working the VMA's so we never really got over our jet leg as our Swedish family is here visiting. Seeing Frozen was great and the kids had a good time. I always feel inspired after I go to France being around such creative people that it rubbed off and I am at the Bean now writing a short essay about some funny life experiences I have had. I will edit it and send it off to friends for critique. A good warm up for my book which I have decided to start over and do some research first too. Essays are good because my life is so nuts I don't even have to try and make it funny. It just IS funny. I have had the weirdest life ever. And the most fun too I have to say. Every day is an adventure just the way I like it. I feel like i've calmed down a bit but everyone is like no you are buying a house in france next to the Crumbs and you go to weird art shows and events every night. I guess that is true. To me thats just what ya do in NYC. So here are ALMOST the last of the pics from France...just random stuff like Aline's 70th bday party in a fancy house..Robert got her a broom for her bday and I loved ragging on him for that for a week haha...but that was not the real gift and she actually needed a new broom badly! We have before and after pics of the brooms and some from the bday party. Along with other pics of swimming spots and stuff like that. Our friend Cedric has a Polaroid camera and he took some great pics with that. Well only 30 pics left from France to post! Been running around every day and night since I got back!

Monday, August 6, 2018

Heading to Paris Tomorrow!

Well our trip is coming to an end so we are slowly packing and heading back to NYC over the next few days. It's a long trip back so we are breaking it up and staying in Paris for a night before getting our flight the next day. Business class oh yeah! Got loads of pics and stuff from the past few days so I figured I would post some now as we watch Who Is America while we pack which is the best show ever! WE went to Nimes to go shopping and eat sushi..we went to a great art opening for our friend Laure Boin, Robert got freaked and hid in that corner but Laure is one of his favorite artists I think. I know she's one of mine. We did podcasts...swam...saw more great tobacco ads about impotence haha...went to an amazing birthday party for Aline up in the mountains during a lightning storm but I guess I can save that for my last post. Most of those pics and videos are family only really but a few are pretty funny and can be online. Aline wore her best groovy 60's pantsuit too!

Monday, July 23, 2018

When You Are in France You Pull Down Your Pants

I can't get that Gwar song out of my head...I AM FROM FRANCE..WHEN YOU ARE IN FRANCE YOU PULL DOWN YOUR PANTS. I love the utter stupidly of Gwar and how good they actually are but still they purposefully decided to be this ridiculous band with hilarious lyrics.
I have pulled down my pants here many times now since we have been here for two weeks. IMPRESSED YET? We have a big show at the Crumb gallery this weekend plus we are playing at our favorite restaurant Gare Ancienne too soon. Having a great time going to house parties and dinners and all kinds of stuff and of course I took hundreds of pics so I will post some here. Still not missing NYC one single bit though I do wish I spoke French and that I had a gym to go to here. Maybe I can ask the mayor to build one for me since she was at our last show here and was really nice. Crazy hail storm happened while we were at an outdoor party a few days ago...I took some video of it just cause it was really crazy like someone was throwing rocks down at us to shut up!
Photos are jsut various stuff I like or think is sort of funny. It's over 90 here everyday so more beach and swimming coming up this week and some podcasts with Crumb too.

Monday, July 16, 2018

France! France! We are in France!

So we have been in France about a week now and have been so busy and done so much I had no time to blog so I am blogging now at 1am we have more stuff to do tomorrow and a gig on Wednesday!  So nice here and we are having so much fun! Way more events and shows than NYC has going on right now because of the World Cup and Bastille Day and also friends parties and shows.
When I wait this long to post it's overwhelming trying to put the days in order so I am just going to upload random stuff we have been doing here and attending. We saw the World Cup madness and win. The Sauviettes played after...Sophie Crumb's band
with Emily Schons and Mille Dolan. I took some random pics of flyers and houses here that I like. Also have two long videos of our place which looks amazing now but I will just leave those on FB. If you have access to my page you can see them..or some posts I like to make public.

We have some videos of John and Crumb jamming and doing a podcast from today...some shots of a great swimming spot we went to with Sophie and her kiddies...