Monday, July 16, 2018

France! France! We are in France!

So we have been in France about a week now and have been so busy and done so much I had no time to blog so I am blogging now at 1am we have more stuff to do tomorrow and a gig on Wednesday!  So nice here and we are having so much fun! Way more events and shows than NYC has going on right now because of the World Cup and Bastille Day and also friends parties and shows.
When I wait this long to post it's overwhelming trying to put the days in order so I am just going to upload random stuff we have been doing here and attending. We saw the World Cup madness and win. The Sauviettes played after...Sophie Crumb's band
with Emily Schons and Mille Dolan. I took some random pics of flyers and houses here that I like. Also have two long videos of our place which looks amazing now but I will just leave those on FB. If you have access to my page you can see them..or some posts I like to make public.

We have some videos of John and Crumb jamming and doing a podcast from today...some shots of a great swimming spot we went to with Sophie and her kiddies...

Saturday, June 30, 2018

New post! I am posting! Me! Posting!

Couldn't think of a title for this post..just a bunch of stuff going on around town...or within a five block radius of my place! Which is how far I will go in this weather...getting ready to pack and leave next weekend for france to see the Crumbs so trying to do a lot. Played a show last night...saw a show in the park...had a visit from the Free the Nipple hippie bus whom I adore...and other random thingamajigs. So here are some pics and videos from that....for you, dear readers, to enjoy. Because. love you all. Really I do..oh! and of course some videos from the Gay Pride Parade including the Free the Foreskin folks! Free foreskins? I am SO there!

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Drag March in Tompkins my fave rave event!

So Friday was the drag march from Tompkins to Stonewall Inn and though I skipped the march part due to an opening at the Living Gallery I wanted to see I did hang out several hours before they left the park to head west. COSTUMES, WIGS, TWERKING, PARTIAL NUDITY, MAKEUP! I love this so much. I took some video but I am just too short and I think the 15 or so pics I will post will give a pretty good idea of the vibe in Tompkins as the drag march posed and pranced around the place. I don't even bother dressing up nothing is as insane and great as what these folks pull off...
Evgrieve has some great pro pics too taken by my friend Stacie Joy.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

New Art by Robert Crumb! Samantha Bee! Offensive shirt!

So lots of things happening...thought I would post a few of them on here at 1 am! Whee! The top art by R Crumb is actually a great watercolor and it is up for auction at Heritage Auctions now. Bidding ends in august I think and starts at 50k which is a steal for Robert Crumb original art so sell your firstborn and buy it! Make us rich rich RICH! Here is the have to sign in and sign up to bid. So not sure it works but you can cut and paste it.
The Crumb art below is just for our private collection...Daddy Stovepipe on Maxwell street. I think there is a Jamba Juice there now. Sigh. I have been told I need to promote more and talk about Crumb more but I would prefer to post other stuff too..and give my friends equal time. I won a raffle prize to see Samantha Bee and Mark Kelly speak at the 92y so my friend Simona and I went and it was great. Love her so much. And there was a 7 foot guy on the train behind me so Simona snuck a pic.
Then I met another friend and spent the day in Prospect park and the best thing we saw was a baby turtle sunning it's legs on a rock.
The best thing I saw in Tompkins square was Dave wearing his new shirt. Can you tell he makes them himself? DIY all the way ten punk points! A lot going on and its hard to keep up when I am writing a book and also recording and getting ready to leave NYC for the south of france in two weeks now. But I am trying! Last year of this blog then I archive it all...sniff...the times they are a changing...unlike my underthings.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

If her daddy's rich take her out for a meal if her daddy's poor just do what you feel!

I love that song but man those lyrics...but I do love summer and it's about here!
Had some crazy times this week and this past weekend but it's so much work to upload videos and stuff and with working on my book and a short story right now it's making me really lazy about this blog. Well it is on its last year so I guess it doesn't have to be too exciting. I can go out with a whimper!
Here is some random weird stuff though around the hood...I do love my new computadora it's so fast and clean! So fresh and SO clean!
That converse was size 16. I could fit 8 of my feet in there! You know what they say about big feet and cavernous vaginas! My new favorite restaurant is Ho Foods. I feel really at home there. Some graffiti at C squat...some guy crapping in the park while checking out his manicure...a kale smoothie or nuclear radiation in the park decide! My friend and his cute puppy and me and some scary giant bear that's been running around lately.
Just little snippets from around the park and such...I have so much more but I am going to watch the Tony Awards cause John is working them tonight. Is it weird I am REALLY excited to be going to see Frozen with my Swedish nieces in August? More excited than they probably are?