Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Last week in Freedom France! Just some pics of stuff here...IN FREEDOM LAND SANS TRUMP

We rode this steam train today which was touristy but fun and crazy but I will post the random pics I have on my desktop right now with some video and then post that stuff...we leave on the 24th and have some band recording to do and maybe some videos for fun...every day counts now so I will try to get all the fun stuff online in the next few there will be more coming soon!
Some fun rocks kids decorated here..our posters are still up..the smallest 78 in front of our new house..stooping it! My dream of HUGE AMOUNTS OF NUTELLA..Star Wars seems popular swimming place that is private and wonderful....some new art we bought from Laure Born an artist we adore here with dinosaurs and UFO's...and me proving I am in the illuminati and Robert Crumb not caring. And a few videos of Crumb playing some of his 78s for the podcast and for John.

Thursday, August 10, 2017


I am refusing to watch the news while I have just two weeks left here...I almost gave in last night when I was on twitter reading Trump's insanity but I watched Game of Thrones spoilers instead. Now I know everything that is going to happen! Unless it's all a diversion to make the fans nuts. One video I found was made in 2016 though and their predictions were spot on for the first four episodes of season 7 so I think they are correct. I am waiting on the damn books to come out so I figured why not spoil things for myself in the meantime? It's so confusing as the show veered so far from the novels now...
Yep I am in the beautiful south of France going on about a TV show! That is how spoiled I am. We had our own music gig here last weekend and it went well. It was over 100 degrees in the gallery but it was still packed. Great crowd, nice people and they are so quiet here when you play it's so nice. No one is yelling over you or talking over your songs. The only videos of us playing that have turned up so far are on Facebook and I can't take them from there but I have some clips of Sophie, Robert and Millie playing. Robert sat in with both bands, us and then their new unnamed band and it was just a really fun two hours of music in a sauna. I have a few pics...still having a good time here. Feels like it's winding down a bit but we have done a lot and we still need to record and do more podcasts with Crumb so that's what we will be doing with the time we have left here along with more swimming and sight seeing. Here are some random pics...and nope that unicorn floaty ain't mine!
We got me posing in front of the poster of me...a leg lamp...the waterfalls I love...John and I signing posters to sell with Crumb of course as the main attraction...John with his french posse...some they love or hate the police? And Robert an John ready to play at our much fun! How did I get so lucky? More stuff soon!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Gig here on the 5th! Stuff! Other Stuff! Things! House Decorating!

Here are some photos or pics if you will...from Sauve of course. Been here almost two weeks now and we already have posters up for our big show next my face is everywhere in the village and other villages nearby screaming and I look like an Amazon and I love it! Laure Born made that poster who is one of my favorite artists...drawing is Crumb though of course. Going to be a loose kinda fun show in their gallery. We tried to take creepy pics around here at night but I am so used to this old village it's not really creepy anymore to me. We have been buying all kinds of stuff for the house here...slowly...mainly art so far and some weird shit similar to what we have at home. And John bought some vintage Planet of the Apes posters to hang...There is our friend Rika, another great artist in her studio here...a cat watching the world go by...a podcast we did the other night with Tony Baldwin who is an amazing piano player...I learned Tampons means Stamps here...I was excited an office supply store was so in touch with women's needs for a minute...and I took a hike around the Mer De Rocher here...the Sea of Rocks which goes on for miles where you can get lost and never be seen again. Maybe Trump should take a stroll through with no water or flashlight for a few days hmm?
We hit the beach again today...tomorrow I go to a all ladies dinner at Millie Dolan's house..another musician here who plays in Sophie's band amongst many others..just having a mellow, musical, nice time here so far...lots of good fun and sun. Wow, my writing is getting more and more simple...HAVING FUN IN THE SUN TIL THE DAY IS DONE MAN.
Trying to take more pics and videos too...Here is some 78rpm listening with Crumb and John..and this wednesday wine tasting they have here now with French bands playing American's pretty funny...great food and wine though!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Blogging from Freedom France!

I have already taken so many pics and videos...I am just going to post a bunch of 'em now then I need to go to bed early for the beach tomorrow. Been so busy with the house and all and visitors and seeing everyone I have not had time to hit the beach or waterfalls yet...BUT THEY WILL COME BELIEVE YOU ME. We got some pics of the house here...old and weird just like us! Love it! Having dinner withe the Crumbs like we have been most nights..Aline and John with Robert drawing on a placemat...the view at night from our terrace...Sophie holding one of her chickens...Out to dinner again with everyone plus Aline's mom who is here for a week or so...Crumb and John looking at 78s online...GASP! Crumb not impressed at all I am proving that I am in the Illuminati..and the weird demon chair at the Tour De Mole restaurant here...have no idea what that is about. May be part of the medieval reenactments that go on here every week or so. Crazy loud concerts are every thursday...and they are LOUD...Sunday is a punk rock show at the punk part of Sauve which includes a bookstore with comics, another with zines and a craft store which is also a venue. Such a funky odd little village here! More soon...Already booked a gig at the Crumb gallery for August 5th!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Clayton Patterson in conversation with Tod Lippy-Last blog post from the US of A!

Tomorrow evening I leave for freedom france to stay at our new house we have there for the first time ever...and we will play gigs with R Crumb and hang with Sophie whom I love and her mom whom I also love and see all the nutty characters we have come to know and love in the little medieval village of Sauve. We plan to record our album and finish it tons of podcasts and play A LOT of music! So excited!
So my last post from here for a while is of an event at the Tompkins Library that was cool...some of Clayton Patterson's amazing photographs from the 80's drag scene at the pyramid club are in Tod Lippy's magazine's a scene I know little about but the outfits were incredible and it looked like such a fun time...i only took a few lame pics and one video as I just wanted to hear what they had to say so here they are...I really had so few pics I will add the chihuahua power stroller girl named Summer who dresser her dog up...the new Pure and Special NY water! Dave and his new shirt...a photo shoot in La Jesus fan I've been using all week...and my friends Angry Bob and I hanging out late night in that's it for NYC fun until the end of August!
This time tomorrow I will be halfway across the water on my way to my favorite village to see some of my favorite people..cant wait to see the house and take pics and videos of it for my friends! It's so big we can have so many visitors...we have already had some when we rented out apts there to stay out but this is twice as big and also almost ours once we pay it off!