Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Hunting Pignut and El Evictor by Martine Blue!

So tomorrow my bestie Martine Blue is coming to NYC to screen two films at Csquat. Or Morus Museum really. One is a short she filmed while she lived at C squat..oh the parties we had...disco ones...80's....the one where we forced people to wear leotards or they couldn't come in...We were nutso and had so much fun! The second is her feature film Hunting Pignut which is now screening all across Canada in 20 theaters! It stars Taylor Hickson from Aftermath and Deadpool...and Joel Thomas Hynes from Orphan Black. I haven't see the feature yet but it looks great...and in El Evictor I get killed in the shower while wearing a super hero outfit so you know you wanna see that!
Here is the info for the event which is on the 23rd, this Saturday.
Lots of other stuff going on I have pics and videos of but been pretty busy lately and its like summer so I have been out a lot meaning not as into being inside online! Here is the poster for her feature...
and here are more details about the event on the Morus Museum Website.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Tompkins Square Park punks, drunks and krishnas PLUS La Plaza garbage fashion show! I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT.

So much stuff going on I cannot keep up with it all! Well, I went to it all I just can't keep up with the posting...but I will try! Sometimes I don't remember to tape stuff and I usually miss all the craziness like the five fights that nearly broke out in Tompkins at the last show. So I will catch up this week in between this gorgeous weather I am SO SO into! 80s again! I can dress like a slut! YAY!
So here are some videos of recent fun events. Ive been going to bed at 5am lately..then I work out at the gym from 2-4...then my day really begins! That's a warm up really. And of course I am playing my guitar and getting my internet lessons. LOTS OF VIDEOS HERE FOLKS:

src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/HISxOC3mULs" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

So we got the Garbage Fashion show in La Plaza and dance party i joined in on after...some REALLY amazing dancing at the rock show in Tompkins on Saturday...that is my favorite part of these shows besides seeing everyone I have ever met at them too. Always a reunion. The hood is still here in-between the starbucks and Gelato shops.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Fuck Off Irma!

I can't stop watching the damn news today! My new workout regime has me tired early in the evening  and I can't look any from the Trump shit and now Hurricane Irma. John and I used to go snorkeling a lot before we started going to France and it's hitting every damn place we went to plus all of freaking Florida too. Florida has always wanted to be separated from the states but I don't think this is what they had in mind. And all the cats and dogs and pets adrift in 200 mph winds...I can't even think about it!
So I have decided to play guitar then blog. I stopped in the new Bean on 3rd Ave and it was a circus with live jazz playing and so I took one video then left. Pretty sure the owner recognized me as that girl who sits there taking to everyone but never buys anything. THAT IS MY NAME DON'T WEAR IT OUT. That poster is for my friend Martine's film which is screening at Csquat in a few weeks. It's in 20 theaters across canada right now and I am so excited to see it finally!
Then there is Dave with an updated political statement on his new shirt. I also posted a video of him at Odessa's getting some pie thrown in his face at his bday dinner a few days ago. Fun!
Then the adventures of Jerry's mannequin on east 7th...it became an ad for the open mic I go to sometimes and then it disappeared forever. There seem to be more than one around though..
Some folks hanging at Squat including Shayne who now has birds pecking at his bare feet. If they can eat feet then I suppose that squirrel could be eating a severed finger. And why is John looking up my butt on the DVR and why is it coming up?? Thanks Obummer!

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Animal Rights March to Tompkins Square Park.

Just a quick post about the Animal Rights March that started in the Flatiron district and made it's way down to Tompkins by 5. I heard about it late so I was working out when I realized it was starting. But I did run to the park and took some videos and a few pics of it. Nothing too exciting...there were so many people there with great costumes and signs but it began to rain and I was very out of it AS I HAVE MY PERIOD OH YEAH so I left to hang out at Ray's and catch up with him.
Lots of stuff going on for the end of summer still I just wish it was not 50 degrees at night!
Washington Square Park folk fest next weekend, a show in Tompkins, Jazz in the 6th and B Garden tomorrow...PLUS my best friend Martine Blue is screening two films at Csquat this month! One that she made there over 20 years ago and her new feature Hunting Pignut. I can't wait! I love having talented friends who do creative stuff...makes me want to do even more. I will post more about that in a few weeks but for now here is part of the march today and a few random pics I have on my COMPUTADORA. I added in a pic of Delgado who is happy we are back and also one of my buddies hanging out at Csquat the other night.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

New York Shitty!

I am back in the rotten apple and it doesn't feel like I missed much. I hate that it's not hot here at all when Sauve is still at 95 every day. FUCK OFF WINTER YOU PROBABLY VOTED FOR TRUMP!
I have already been out doing stuff in the park and elsewhere but I am also really jetlagged and it's still weird to be around so many people speaking english. We had to play a show the day after we got back and I lost my voice and was so out of it we just told jokes for half the set. Oddly enough people said we never sounded better! I bought these great online guitar instruction videos so I can teach myself more and practice along with something. John has no time to give me lessons but he can show me stuff to learn once a week...I need some kind of lessons and homework or I can get too lazy and frustrated. People say I am sounding good though and the people are always right!
I have so many pics still from France but I will just throw a bunch up here and then move on to NYC stuff...I feel like I fell asleep to the smell of delicious frites and woke up to the aroma of orange cheetos. I assume I will be going to rallies and protests pretty soon...sigh...I miss freedom France!
Here are close neighbor Aline Crumb and I gossiping across the street very loudly! Me taking pics of the gallery opening of Pete Poplaski whose work is amazing. Crumb and John are admiring some of it here. Hiking with Sophie and her kids picking berries off the trees. The over the top ads on tobacco here where they show you that if you smoke you will get torn apart by jackals and shit. Mixed in with the beautiful pics of our hidden swim spot Sophie showed us. Those pics are half nude and we swim topless or the kids do anyway so I shall not post em.
Then a glorious siamese cat...I fed a stray while I was there a bunch...he was so happy he would see me and flip out. And a few pics from Nimes and a funny shop there...Nimes is hilarious and I love it. They try to have american hip shops but its all so bad. So that us about it for France on here...I shall post some NYC stuff soonish!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Last week in Freedom France! Just some pics of stuff here...IN FREEDOM LAND SANS TRUMP

We rode this steam train today which was touristy but fun and crazy but I will post the random pics I have on my desktop right now with some video and then post that stuff...we leave on the 24th and have some band recording to do and maybe some videos for fun...every day counts now so I will try to get all the fun stuff online in the next few days...as there will be more coming soon!
Some fun rocks kids decorated here..our posters are still up..the smallest 78 ever...me in front of our new house..stooping it! My dream of HUGE AMOUNTS OF NUTELLA..Star Wars seems popular here...new swimming place that is private and wonderful....some new art we bought from Laure Born an artist we adore here with dinosaurs and UFO's...and me proving I am in the illuminati and Robert Crumb not caring. And a few videos of Crumb playing some of his 78s for the podcast and for John.

Thursday, August 10, 2017


I am refusing to watch the news while I have just two weeks left here...I almost gave in last night when I was on twitter reading Trump's insanity but I watched Game of Thrones spoilers instead. Now I know everything that is going to happen! Unless it's all a diversion to make the fans nuts. One video I found was made in 2016 though and their predictions were spot on for the first four episodes of season 7 so I think they are correct. I am waiting on the damn books to come out so I figured why not spoil things for myself in the meantime? It's so confusing as the show veered so far from the novels now...
Yep I am in the beautiful south of France going on about a TV show! That is how spoiled I am. We had our own music gig here last weekend and it went well. It was over 100 degrees in the gallery but it was still packed. Great crowd, nice people and they are so quiet here when you play it's so nice. No one is yelling over you or talking over your songs. The only videos of us playing that have turned up so far are on Facebook and I can't take them from there but I have some clips of Sophie, Robert and Millie playing. Robert sat in with both bands, us and then their new unnamed band and it was just a really fun two hours of music in a sauna. I have a few pics...still having a good time here. Feels like it's winding down a bit but we have done a lot and we still need to record and do more podcasts with Crumb so that's what we will be doing with the time we have left here along with more swimming and sight seeing. Here are some random pics...and nope that unicorn floaty ain't mine!
We got me posing in front of the poster of me...a leg lamp...the waterfalls I love...John and I signing posters to sell with Crumb of course as the main attraction...John with his french posse...some graffiti..do they love or hate the police? And Robert an John ready to play at our gig...so much fun! How did I get so lucky? More stuff soon!