Saturday, March 18, 2017

Fire Jumping! Persian New Year! Why is it so fucking cold out!

So I missed the annual fire jumping I love at La Plaza cause I was not online much to see the tonight I went to the one at El Jardin a cool garden on east 4th st that has a great treehouse I want to live in someday. Lots of kids there with their parents, all kinds of people and lots of nice snacks too though I don't eat anymore because I am working on my BIKINI BODY. I am also growing my nose hair super long to dread it but that's another story.
So here is the summary of what this is exactly:
        "What we will do: We will light small fires at sunset, then jump through the fire. It is customary to sing the phrase, "zardi-ye man az toh, sorkhi-ye toh az man" as you jump. Literal translation: my yellow is yours, your red is mine. This is a purification rite. Loosely translated, it means you want the fire to take your pallor, sickness, problems and winter blues and in turn give you health, warmth, and energy. 

Background: The ancient Persian New Year, Nowruz falls on the spring equinox, March 20th, on the Gregorian (western) calendar. Nowruz is based on the solar calendar, which is the direct descendant of the Zorastrian calendar. Chahārshanbeh-Sūri is an ancient festival dating to the Zoroastrian past of Persia, going back circa 2600 BC. It is a prelude to the ancient Persian New Year festival, which marks the arrival of spring. On the last eve of Wednesday of the Zoroastrian year, just before the spring equinox bonfires are lit in the streets from dusk to early hours of dawn. People jump through the fire, to exorcise the old year and its misfortunes and bring about regeneration.

In Farsi, Chaharshanbeh means Wednesday and Suri means red. The bonfires are lit at sunset to keep the sun alive till early hours of the morning. From among the Zoroastrian festivals some of the most important ones pertained to fire, a symbol of good health, cultivation, light, and purity. With the help of fire and light, we hope to see our way through to the end of the year, to the arrival of spring’s longer days. The human faces her ultimate fear by jumping over the fire. That cleansing act is necessary before the advent of spring and the Vernal Equinox.

Another ceremony this night is Ghashogh zani, (spoon banging). Traditionally, many, specially children, wrap themselves in cloaks and run through the streets banging on pots with spoons, and knocking on doors for treats, symbolically reenacting visits from the spirits of the ancestors. Possibly, Halloween is a Celtic variation of this night. It is customary to offer “ajeel”, a mix of nuts and dried fruit to people on this night.
In Iran Chahārshanbeh-Sūri serves as a cultural festival for Persians, Jews, Muslims, Armenians, Kurds, Turks and Zoroastrians who celebrate it and other Zoroastrian traditions Shabe Cheleh, the longest night of the year in December, or Jashne-Mehregan, the fall festival."

And here are a few kinda crappy pics I took with my pal Bill and some videos that came out pretty near cause we climbed up in the treehouse to take them. I cannot wait for it to be April already and warm! Hell, I can drop 10lbs just marching in rallies against Agent Orange every few days which I will surely be doing soon. And the melting snowman in front of Csquat added in for fun. It was punk the other day but now it's a cowboy.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Just ASSorted stuff. Also just wanted to throw the word ASS in there.

It's been a while since I posted(as usual)but John has been home all week so we play music and see movies and not much to post about that. I hit the women's day rally in Washington Square park but I just posted the best pics on Insta. I will be going to dozens of marches end of this month and April I don't want to burn out on those type of posts. Tomorrow i will be hitting El Jardin with friends to jump over fires Persian style cause I missed the La Plaza event by accident so that will be my next blog post. It's at 6:30 pm At El Jardin which is between Ave C and D on 4th st. It wont be that cold out so that's nice. I am ready to fry in 100 degrees but all I get is 10 degrees every day. At least I am losing weight so I can look slutty for April! It's what the kids want.

So I posted a few of the drawings Crumb did of me of Art & Beauty. It is out now as a single issue through the Fantagraphics site for under $5 and i am in that thing 4 or 5 times and even John got that one page...It can be purchased HERE and it is a great book. Posting this as I got about 100 emails asking me where to buy it on FB so...well there it is! I see I have a lot new readers lately which is nice. Must be all the band promo going on. Then there is a pic of a poor man who has had his phone "taped" and I am sure his microwave did it but hey...if you're lonely like so many are now you know you have friends watching your every move!
Then a cute pic of Holly who runs Waggytail Rescue with her pup Angelina the star. And my own foster cat Gus laying on his pillow in the closet. We got the since deleted McDonalds tweet which was hilarious....and I posted about Felton Davis selling his new mugs. He sets up the telescope by the Bean on 2nd Ave and takes cool pics for you from your phone of space and aliens.
The new art in the bathroom of that Bean speaking of the Bean is starting to get defaced..only a matter of time. And the Little House meme always cracks me up. Because I am 12 years old. More pics from tomorrow's fire jumping tomorrow and hopefully I will not catch on fire.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Fun show at Sweet Comedy, Brickleberry and Yucko the Clown, and other assorted assortments.

Just some old stuff I have on my desktop...I think it's funny that I made it onto IMDB for this movie my friends made Werewolf Bitches from Outer Space...I have done so much extra BG work and had a scene albeit very short with John Leguizamo in Fugly! but I just love this. Billed as the worse movie ever made it was hilarious making it with Reverend Jen and Dylan Mars Greenberg though I am in it for like ten seconds I think. I will be trying some more acting stuff hopefully when it's a bit warmer...
I hit Seth Herzog's show last week and was so happy to see some of my favorites there...Will Forte, Jorma Tacccone from the Lonely Island Guys, Janeane Garofalo was there...Joe Derosa...
The first two pics are of the one and only Yucko the Clown from Howard Stern who happens to be my sisters boyfriend now. Why do we all pal around with famous people all the time? I dont know. My sis and I are nice and funny and not assholes so I guess that's why. We don't care about some fame we like cool people, funny comedians and weirdos like Crumb. These are just Our People. Roger Black AKA Yucko has a new comic out called Brickleberry and I  love it. I will be at NYC ComicCon for sure this year hanging with the Troma folks or Yucko and my sis if they go...I was annoyed i didn't get my free pass last year cause they are just too packed and popular to let in F list celebs like me(barely) so I and others were told nope and we boycotted. This yeah will be fun though!
Have a lot going on and gotta go now...John is sitting in with the BrotherHood of the Jug Band Blues at Sidewalk Cafe tomorrow and I may join in too...gonna work on that now and some guitar which is going great! Love my uke and playing leads in it but guitar is my love now. And I am married to the best teacher and player around after all! I am also making myself write every hour a day...or five pages and if it sucks too bad. Cause some of it does not suck too bad so hey gotta keep trying!
It's spring soon and I am excited and also trying to lose 10bs I gained yay!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Fly's Birthday at Morus Museum!

So my friend and talented cartoonist/artist that I have known for decades had a little party at Csquat over the weekend. She painted the ABC No Rio mural and has a book out called Peops where she profiles people she knows who lead interesting lives and have stories to tell. She has "peoped" me and many of my friends cause we are all artistic weirdos and most have lived in squats as she does.
I will post some pics of the shindig which was actually at Morus the museum part of the building. The band Banji played and me and others bought pizza pies and other stuff. Jerry Faust the infamous drunk guy I have known forever somehow made it over there and was yelling the whole time and ate the whole pizza i bought i think but it just added to the crazy. Later on the party moved to the basement and went on for was 65 degrees out and really felt like spring. Gotta run we got some record people coming over as it's a 78rpm kinda night....

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Aker Awards with Clayton Patterson! VD!

Today is VD which is a day I have always liked for some reason. Even when single I would walk around with a wilted flower in my hand looking sad just for fun. I also like the other made up love day The Sweetest Day but that's more of a northern thing I guess. I have been harassing John all day with horrible gross texts because he had to work but he gets home at 5 and we will partake in some fancy dead fish my fave! The we will have Sex-o!
Sunday night was the annual Aker Awards for artists in the hood of note and John and I were two of the 40 recipients. Fun fun night and I knew about half the people there...felt like the old east village/lower east side again for a night. I have crappy iPhone pics I will post along with the list of the winners..we each got a pizza box full of 40 items one from each of the other artists. We gave some CDs and some LPs which people seemed pretty happy about. I made a speech that was just me giggling and saying Thanks and Fuck Trump! Lincoln Anderson won one for journalism and my friend Cheryl was in the music category with John and I. The box is full of art, poetry, posters, music, a sex toy, and other fun stuff!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Glitter Gutter! Snow! Freaks! Poop! What Have You!

Today was the BLIZZARD OF 2017 but all I know is I woke up at noon and it was about done and it was fun to walk around in until John got off work early and we could play guitar. He's happy about it!
Quick post before I go back to that..hit The Slipper Room for a show last night that my friend Holly got us into for free and it was great...Glitter Gutter is a mix of weird shit and burlesque and i got to see my favorite freak Mat Fraser strip down to a thong taking off even the huge fake arms he had on as a joke. I hate American Horror Story but I love Mat and his girl Julie Atlas who has been around forever. So here are some pics from that show and a few other ones I have had on my desktop for weeks now. I loved the dancer who shoved her entire fist into her mouth too. Plus the host cracked me up for some reason and I could not stop giggling at every thing he said. I will post more Trump in the future but man do I need a break!
So we have some fun spam I get about 20 times a day about pooping...Why won't Ken Burns leave me and my poop alone?? A UFO lamp I got John for his birthday which was on the part is the cow it's beaming up...that movie marquee was changed for the show Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt which is a funny as fuck show...and John and I will be getting an Akers Award along with 39 other artists in various fields this sunday at Theatre 80 so that should be fun. Clayton Patterson will be giving them out as he does every year and it's nice to get one this year as local east village musicians...I will blog about that next unless something more exciting happens like I poop more than twice a day!