Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Old stuff...Pot Parade and such..

Birthday that lasts two weeks has taken up all my time so here is some pics from the Pot Parade that was weeks ago in Union is FINALLY nice out and this weekend is the Dance Parade in Tompkins my favorite event and I hope it is still nice out then...who knows with this weird weather the aliens have been causing us to have with their damn weather machine! More coming soon...
John is the best I still have gifts coming in all week even if they are joke ones like a bathing suit with a shark bite taken out of it...he worked all weekend so he is making up for missing my birthday this week...John doesn't drink so I need more than one Day of Being Older anyway so i can get my drunk on...Only two more months until we go stay at our new house in France! Well it will be ours soonish at any rate...I also threw in some pics I took at Gallery on A weeks ago at an art opening...I have so much stuff like that on my desktop...too hard to post it all when there's stuff happening almost every night now all over...and I am a social that pic of John King and Astro...

Monday, May 8, 2017

Rise and Resist Exhibit at Morus Museum.

So last week I went to the new exhibit up at the Morus Museum which is in CSquat which I am at all the time anyway. It was all old flyers from the 80's and 90's for shows and protests. Sadly, I am old enough to remember some of these happenings....was a fun night and i took some pics and videos to post up here for all my wonderful readers...I can't read so old bless you all for learning how to. In Trumps America reading is for bigly losers but at least Le Pen lost bigly in France! Here I show off my What's Happening slutty tank top that my sis made for me!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Banned from the Facebook...O.K. I never much liked playing there anyway.

My Fb ban was lifted last night so today has been fun posting pics of me with my teardrop tattoo...if someone did report me to be a dick it totally backfired because that was probably the most laughs I have had on that site since I joined...I just used the band page to email people when I had to. I got so many emails and texts and comments...comedy gold and it's still going on. Uploading a pic of Kalan Sherrod's junk wrapped in a rubber band was the best decision ever for FB fun. That was at Gallery 292 in Bullet Space Squat for Reverend Jen's art show. I went to that and so many other events and parties this past week it was great. I just wish it would get warm already! All the spring fun has begun but we all have our winter clothes on still and keep getting the flu. Maybe by my birthday next week it'll be nice out.
I need to post all the pics I have so I can delete here is some stuff going on here and there..and some of my FB jail memes...tomorrow is the Pot Parade please baby jesus let it not rain on my pot parade! Maybe the ladies I saw doing a conga line through Tompkins Square Park were slowly heading there hitting every annoying happy hour on the way...I included one pic of Kalan's butt at Jen's art party just for fun. That bathroom sign is the bathrooms at Union Square...and i got one of a photographer taking Jen's pic on Ave A while she vended. It was too windy for me to set up my little table with my stuff but hopefully next week I can be out there with her. It's my dream job really.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Ahhhh! Gotta post so much stuff!

Shit I have been out maybe five nights this week and I have so much stuff on my laptop now I don't know where to begin...and the Brooklyn Folk Fest is this week so I wont be home much.....I am just going to post old stuff I have and if I keep doing that for the next week I will be caught up.
I hit two fun openings today, one was at Bullet Space squat's gallery that Reverend Jen had...other was at Gallery on A and both were fun. One had nudity and when I posted it on fb I was locked out of my account for a week. Heh! I love it...ANARCHY SOCIAL NETWORKING ANARCHY!

First my bestie's film is screening this week in the states! So happy for her! Hunting Pignut will be at the Arizona Film fest and hopefully all kinds of other film fest too as it's fucking great. So happy to see her when she came through NYC. We had a crazy dance party at Csquat and went to see a Broadway play that was really good...Came from Away about the diverted planes on 9/11 that ended up in Newfoundland where Martine lives. We went backstage and it was awesome.
Ice T was in the roof of Squat a few weeks later! Can't say why but he won't be back there time thing but Shayne was sure happy! Though he did not wear shoes for the dance party which was grossing me out a bit.
When I check into Squat it comes up as a cemetery which I found funny...some guy was doing art next to the weird LA pop up shop on Avenue C and 10th st a few days ago...I hate that unicorn crappachino it looks like death in a pink frosty cup. Blah. And my friends fridge in New Mexico made me to have so many fans and friends! Now just hit 85 every day so I can vend more and I will be happy. Its a blast selling my music on Ave A lately..hell I am there people watching and talking to my friend Jen for hours anyway. Money is so/so but not bad and the promotion is great for the band. More to come!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Mosaic Man's tile tribute to David Peel and some other stuff. Yeah.

Walked around today after working out for two hours cause it was nice and i have stuff to do all week until PARTY WEEKEND TIME...saw some fun's chilly again but that spring vibe of crazy weird shit going on everywhere is in the air and I love it.
On St. Marks and 3rd Jim Power did a small great mosaic for Peel...had to go find it to take a few pics...saw another artist painting a huge thing on the way....too chilly for vending so i have time off to record and do other stuff I have been too busy for...missing my bestie Martine but so excited her film is being screened at several film fest soon...hard work pays off! That top pic is an app my friend created at a hackathon which is pretty funny. Text it "hi!" Then the memorial flowers on 9th st where the cyclist was killed..Dave and Cookie both got haircuts...and I know you are all DYING to see that! My cat beating up his new trump doll..and then the art I saw today. Cannot wait for stuff going on this week like the earth day march and the shows and parties...summer is coming! You know nothing Jon Snow!